Finally trying solumedrol again.

Before the IV I was back up to 2 to 3 Oxycodone a day. I was also not able to walk anymore at all. The afternoon after the first treatment spasticity in my legs was extreme. I couldn’t hold or pick myself up. After that night , I was able to stand and walk a little bit.

Now after my treatments are finished on Thursday, I have had no more oxycodone since the first day. Periphery pain is merely an annoyance, and that is with all the edema caused by steroid also. I have much better motor control trunk control everything. I start IVIG on Monday. But I’m wondering if we need to find out what is being pinched where it’s being pinched and want to get it fixed.

I also have stopped having spasims in the legs all together.

Saturday rolled around and I feel worse than ever. Especially the Dizzy feeling. The last few days have been great and then all the sudden it’s going downhill really fast. I’m hoping the IVIG does some more good days, but if this is the case we need to get in there and figure out what is really getting pinched up and fix it.

Sunday, horrible again. I hope I have the AG does some more help for the time being , but we need to get in there and fix it. The dizziness is overwhelming as well as the electric shock feeling. Also back on Oxy.

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