I’ve used my Samsung Galaxy S4 for a very long time because

  1. Have to have a removable battery
  2. Have to have an SD Card

There have been phones that meet these requirements already but none of them really got me excited to be worth the cost of phones today.

In comes the G5. What I THOUGHT was that the G4 would now be cheaper. Alas no, but Best Buy had $99 pre-orders for them so, OK, for that price, we can get new phones. So I did.

Memory, it has 32G internal which is twice what many other phones come with to start, but also supports up to 2TB external cards. I currently use a 128G card for music and other stuff. Can’t live without it.

Initial thoughts – Wow, smooth. Although not a huge fan of no app drawer, I can live with it (makes icons on the desktop for everything regardless. Most end up in the new ‘Trash’ folder so I don’t have to look at them).

The camera, even with the screen locked. Tap the down volume twice, insta-cam. Hit it again, insta-picture. SO nice and fast. As for low-light, I hear complaints but I can’t figure out WHAT these people are talking about. I was sitting in the kid’s room one night, lights out, total darkness. I woundered, picked up the phone and hit the button. Quick flash and checked the camera. Resulting picture looks WONDERFUL!

And the wide-angle lense. OMG that is so useful! Especially for close-up shots! Nothing else comes close right now!

So, phenomenal and fast camera, what about the screen? Well, the new Galaxies have OLED Screens which are notorious for burn-in. For that reason LG stuck with the LED screen. Especially for the always-on display, LOVE IT!

Battery? IT lasts all day even with my heavy use. But there’s more! I have TWO batteries! But there’s MORE!!! It also has Quick Charge 3.0! Galaxies do not have this at all. I can fully charge the phone from dead to full in UNDER AN HOUR! So, I have multiple batteries (say I’m at a show taking endless pictures/videos) and I can fully recharge it in under an hour! I have a non-stop battery if I have a place to plug in the external charger for the battery not in the phone! That is just sweet. A tear is rolling down my cheek. And I have a QuickCharge 3 charger in the car so even there I can easily get almost fully charged on my way home from work. I have no battery concerns here. And in a few years when the battery is tired, swap it for a new one.

The charging port – USB-C. I LOVE IT. Those people crying “Everything I have is MicroUSB-B” are not thinking it through. The phone also comes with an adapter for uUSB-B to USB-C so every cable you still have is usable (although may not fast-charge, but I found tons of those for under $1/foot and have a 10′ one that works beautifully). Plus, in the dark, just slam it in. Doesn’t matter which way. Sorry, but uUSB-B is going away anyhow. Might as well get with it now. Kudos for that. Most of the best products are using it now too, just not Samsung (their loss for that and no Quick Charge 3) with the Galaxy S7 series.

Everything else? I have WiFi calling… AND it works in airplane mode (very new and rare) How about LEGALLY making phone calls on a flight? Ya… Or deep in a hospital where no phones can reach outside where, unfortunately I am always all too often? Connect to the WiFi, no problem. Call away.

Onto the Fingerprint Scanner. I hear people saying it’s complicated and hard to operate… WHAT? If you set it up properly… I can’t move my hands really well and I can grab the phone with my left hand, slide my index finger over the button and bingo. In two weeks, I haven’t had any problem using the phone constantly (new toy syndrome). And you don’t have to look and hunt-poke on the screen for some specific area, etc. It works wonderfully.

The default video player also plays all of my MKV files with AC3 audio. Unlike older phones. No more need for MX Player (although it is still nice).

My only current issue, Helium worked on one of them, not the other. Haven’t figured that out yet. Also, the video player turns off the auto dimmer after a short time. Very annoying to me. That’s about it for now.

Otherwise, I’d give it a nearly perfect score.. Out of 10 stars 9 or even 9.5. (default battery could be bigger, that’s about my only current thought and as aforementioned, almost a non issue anyhow).

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