Surgery finished…

Well, I ended up doing the fusion.

I remember getting here around 09:15 Friday morning, I remember getting ready, setup to go and being taken to the operating room #1 in the North Austin Medical Center. I remember three big guys transfering me to the operating table and then NOTHING, instantly. I woke up around 22:00 Friday night, very out of it. But I was also awake most of last night.

Lots of pain, catheters in and out and in and out. This afternoon I stopped taking pain meds Norco and Dilaudid at 10:00. By choice. Staied off till 21:00 when I finally got a true pee! WEE!!

They think I’ll be here for a few days for rehab. I could leave as early as tomorrow (unlikely), monday (possibly) or even Tuesday or later (more possibly).

But right now I’m drugged up and going to sleep so, night!

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