This is the year Obamacare KILLS our family…

Obamacare sucks. Anyone who doesn’t think so really needs to step back and look at it from a sick person’s point of view.

Here is a prime example: Before this junk and for the last 20 years, I had the same medical insurance. And for the whole family, paid about $136/check for it. This year I’m paying almost $300 and the company pays a heck of a lot more even then they used to. And THEY are the ones paying the medical stuff, not the insurance company… I get a new wheelchair, work actually gets the bill, etc. I know this cause I’ve been “expensive” and done extensive work with our representatives at work and since learned how they do a lot of things. Heck, most of them are now on my friend’s lists…

So, 2016 open enrollment rolls around. No more EPO (HMO) plans… Designed by Obamacare, they are now impossible to get and no longer exist. For the healthy, this is probably an inconvenience. But for someone who relies on insurance, this is as deadly as a knife in the face. For Example; I need one to two MRIs a year at $15k each for head, neck, and thoracic to monitor my very aggressive and progressive Multiple Sclerosis. On my old insurance, this cost nothing… Go in, do it, done. Now I have to pay 20% this next year. So each one will run me $3k OUT OF POCKET!

On that same example, My medical insurance used to run me about $3536 a year with 26 pay periods. Next year, I have to switch to a horrible PPO which is 80/20 only AND on top of that, is set up to cost EXACTLY $7000 all year or $269.23 per check…

Then people talk about the maximum out of pocket, etc. which they say is nice (bull $#!%, it’s the reach around to go along with the @$$ raping you’re getting).. EPO had that too but even full hospitalization was only a $250 deductible. Ohh, and we hit our limit this year also FWIW, even on the EPO… Anyhow, now I pay 20%… So my last hospital stay which cost $150k, $30k of my money… But ohh, you cap out at the $5400 for family out of pocket expenses… LET’S LOOK AT THAT AGAIN!!!

$5400 + $7000 = $12400!!! I’ve always been good at math so let’s think here a second… 12400 – 3536 = (hmm, 4, then 0 to 9… 6…) $8864! That is how much MORE per year I have to pay for now significantly LESS coverage. And that’s only for 2016.. What happens AFTER?!? In 2015, I still paid my $7000 (convenient isn’t it per year) for my EPO but aside from co-pays, that’s it. And we’re having two surgeries this year!

Now let’s look on my boys. In the middle of all of this, we were gifted with twin boys, but they were born at 27 weeks and that was AFTER Kat spent a month in the hospital from premature labor.  They were 2lbs 6oz each and I could easily have carried one of them in my hand flat out. Their hands would not even be big enough to grab a pencil. And so began the 3+ months in the NICU for both of them and the fight for life!

Now they are two years old, but not before the $3.6 MILLION dollar hospital bill. My EPO, I didn’t pay one red cent…

Now, to me, something MOST IMPORTANT!!! Medical Equipment! I used to get new wheelchairs every 3 years. Right now I very much enjoy my TopEnd Terminator Titanium. It’s farily light weight, even in the heavy-duty version for my over-sized butt. PLUS, I now also have a Smart Drive from MAXX Mobility which cost nearly $6k. My last wheelchair cost $12.4k. We’re at $18.4k for my medical equipment.

The PPO now will only cover $5k/year and only at an 80/20%. I never paid a dime for any of my equipment. But now I can not even GET my equipment. Even if they had no limit per-say, they wouldn’t cover the items. How about my edema pumps… $5400. Compression leg items for daily wear without touching toes (so over sensitive it causes automated jerky reactions just to touch them) $500. Tens machine for the back $350.

None of that stuff cost me. It was all MEDICALLY necessary, with letters from doctors. And I hate much of it but I have to use it (getting shocked or sitting for 3 hours a day with my legs getting crushed… Wee.. that’s so much fun…). But I had to have it and insurance got it for me. Now I could NEVER afford most/any of it. Period. So WTF do I do when my next wheelchair dies, OR when I need a full-on power chair at the cost of $30k+!?!

If Obamacare never existed, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I’d have my really crappy condition, but my insurance to carry me though. I work hard and am insured and do so even in my horrible physical condition. Coming up soon, it might not even benefit me to continue working since I get no benefit out of that and it truly is so painful. Just go on full disability. I won’t be able to afford the wheelchairs to move around anyhow soon.

For a healthy person, it might seem like it’s a fine plan, but look at it from a very VERY sick person’s point of view. I’m not milking the situation for personal gain. Don’t you think I’d rather be able to drive again and bounce my kids on my knee instead of laying flat while they beg me to play with them? With pain in my hands so bad I can’t even hold my wife? But no, I need to pay significantly MORE money and not even get the care I truly NEED. Now when I need my insurance, it’s just not there anymore.

Thanks OBAMA! Jackass!

Where are we headed? If it doesn’t stop soon? Single-payer… Which leads to:

And that is just the very, very tip of the iceburg…

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