New Friend

I got a PM from someone on the Jeepforum (of which I am a moderator) talking about MS. He has similar symptoms to my own (only worse) and he’s younger. In an odd sorta way, it made me feel better. I guess in this world, I do not know anyone else with MS similar to mine but now I do. Misery loves company. 🙂

My eyes have been getting worse. I thought they were getting better but this week they are driving me nuts. My neck and back also hurt like crazy. It’s got that ‘I need to crack it’ feeling but it won’t pop and even when it does, no relief. I had a migraine Saturday and still have a headache. Behind my left eye, temple and back of my head. I do not think french-kissing an electrical outlet could feel this bad. I get migraines now and then but this one has been evil. It made me sick to my stomach on Friday, lasted through Saturday and still lingers.

My loving girlfriend sat with me all weekend rubbing my neck and head and we watched season 2 of “Lost”… (damn my PVR for not catching season 3… Now I have to wait for the DVD… GRRRRRR…)

I have a friend who is willing to give or sell very cheap an early 90’s Geo with a few problems. I’m going to see if the problems outweight the affordability of the vehicle. It will be nice though to have another car (that gets better than 10mpg and I don’t need earplugs to drive). I love my Jeep but… It’s not a great daily driver.

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