New Water Softiner

I just got a new filter for the water in my home. See the extended details for more information…

And you might want to sit down for this next one. My sister just got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Our parents don’t have any medical conditions and we both get an auto-immune disease? WTF! More information in extended comments.

Lastly, I’m car shoppin. I need something to get to work and such. I’m thinking cheap pickup or small car. Anything… Taking offers.Water Softiner:

I went with a guy named Tommy Dorsey and his products. It’s a two piece filter and so far it ROCKS! It uses a salt brine to clean the filter but it doesn’t get salty-like that some softiners do. Plus, They did the full install and setup. I just paid em. But still it’s tons cheaper than other options I was finding around the world. Everything else was $2k or higher and I just don’t have it. Not that I had what I spent but it was that or a new hot water heater so… I figure spending the money now saves money later (hopefully) and also gives me better water in the house all over.

My Sister:

This one sucks… My new girlfriend has Fibromyalgia and now my sister too. But who knows. Mom did the all-exected 2 hour phone call to talk more about MS and if she should get tested. I suggested she might want to just to be sure. It’s just a needle after all. But more importantly I told her to get some MRIs if suggested and don’t forget to mention my MS to the Doctors.

Happy Freakin Day…

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