B Healthy @ Home


Not that it will do much good, but FWIW, I sent this to the BBB (they are not accredited even regardless). But they should not be able to treat patience this way. Invalid or not.

Been getting Physical Therapy for many years through Be Healthy @ Home. Good relationship with my therapist. I tried repeatedly to get them to offer me help for what I needed.

I needed:
– Oxycodone (narcotic Rx) for pain due to Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
– IVIG and IV Steroid treatment prescribed by my specialists.

They SAY they offer in home nursing and in home IV Treatment. They do not. I had to go to another source for both which I have no received. As soon as I did this, they dropped me saying ‘Too many nurses licenses affected’. B Healthy does NOT DO ANY NURSING FOR ME!!! Only PT. That’s all they CAN do.

So I got the IV through another service and now B Healthy is dropping me without notice or warning. When I try to explain it, they still do not seem to understand. They claim a company called Brightstar is doing my nursing. NO, they did the IV. That is ALL they did. My General Practitioner was even HERE one day when they were doing the IV. Brightstar knows nothing else about me then the order they were given. And they did the IV treatment fine. I also had the steroids done by a company called IV Specialists. Again, they did no more then come out and poke me an IV and drop off meds and make sure I knew how to use them.

Be Healthy can’t seem to get this into their heads.

  1) B Healthy has done ZERO nursing for me. I TRIED to get them onboard, they don’t offer what I needed.

  2) B Healthy complains Brightstar is doing my in home nursing. NO. They only come in, poke the IV I was Rx’d and monitor me during treatment. Then they leave. THAT IS IT. It is NO different then going into an IV Outpatient service to get the same thing accept I can no longer easily or safely regularly drive myself due to my condition.

  3) B Healthy complains I have too much ‘nursing’ going on.
    a) B Healthy doesn’t do ANY nursing for me.
    b) Brightstar ONLY did the IVIG.
    c) IV Specialists ONLY did the IV Steroid.
    d) The ONLY other person I see is my GP.

No more ‘nursing’ but yet they dropped me due to that.

I’ve used them for quite a while now. However how ‘STUPID’ their central office is boggles the mind. Here are some of the major problems I have with them.

  1. they do not handle nursing needs of a general doctor however they also will drop you the second they find out you have a doctor.
  2. they do not cover narcotic Rx nore other therapies necessary for in-home treatment of conically ill people. EVEN though their own website might say otherwise.

I take Oxycodone for pain, a very strong, dangerous and street-common drug. I am a good patient, never sell or give my pills away, they are my own and I unfortunately need them. However to get them is insanely difficult. You can do it through your general practitioner or through a pain management doctor.

Problems with pain management :

  1. you have to pee every month, on queue this is almost impossible for me.
  2. you have to show up at the office every month. No car, also very difficult for me
  3. They only care about covering their ass and not you, the patient.

My GP retired and my insurance, United Healthcare, themselves helped me get a new GP through a company called House Call Doctors (http://www.hcdmd.com/). They are in network and covered and my new GP is now there. They also send out a nurse once a month to monitor my narcotic meds and they Rx my Oxycodone. Delivered to my door once a month. HEAVEN!!!

They also had an IVIG done. My Neurologist had SoluMedrol IV done the week before. All trying to get my nerves shrunk down and better. I asked B Healthy @ Home multiple times about how they would do in-home IV. Their services even say IV therapy. Just not SoluMedrol, IVIG, etc. apparently. Repeatedly they stated they do not do in home IV treatments or offer up narcotic medications to me via their central office number.

So why do I use B Healthy @ Home? Physical Therapy. They have in-home PT. My personal one, also a friend, to remain nameless for now, is phenomenal. I can’t speak for others.  Long ago I had another guy who wasn’t bad. They also do Occupational Therapy.

They also however send out a nurse every so often to make sure the PT/OT is doing proper, etc. I hadn’t seen a nurse for a few months. One comes out today, does a few things, then everything is instantly CANCELED.

I was told, we can not nurse with other in home services.

  1. they did not offer any of the other services I needed, including a full GP.
  2. they actually helped me get into this particular position because after repeated attempts to get THEM to help with things like in-home IV, etc, they ‘do not offer those services’.
  3. as soon as I got my own general practitioner, they dropped me instantly. So don’t have your own doctor and try to use their services… Even though.. my doctor is the one who REQUESTED their services (PT), etc… Does any of this make ANY sense to you?

You know, more and more I try to figure out what GOOD they really are (B Healthy @ Home). The only thing they can offer me was PT and OT. And then as soon as I got a doctor, they stopped that a second later. They could NOT (or would not, I asked multiple times, otherwise it would not have taken 3 months to get the Rx IVs finished) perform the in-home items prescribed by my neurologists or full fill the pain medication necessary for me to function.

I Love my current PT. Losing her would suck, but this company is SOO difficult to work with. I had three nurses from multiple different companies out here for the different IVs. No one had any issues with anyone else. At one time, two were here at the same time. One finishing paper work on one IV after it was over, one starting the next. But that’s apparently too good for B Healthy to deal with, with them, it’s them or nothing, and since they actually can’t do anything that was prescribed to me; FUCK EM!

I use them now for PT, or did. I have never used them for any nursing, their nurses only monitored PT. Their nurses couldn’t offer what I needed for doctoring. So there a go, if you need a tiny in-home treatment, they might work for ya. If you need anything more or complicated, RUN!

And what is the worst? They did not even ASK me anything. One day I had PT, the next day I find out I was ‘discharged instantly’ due to  multiple nursing services. No discussion, etc. They didn’t even do any ‘nursing’ for me, just PT and their nurses to monitor their own PT. THAT IS ALL. They WOULD NOT do what else I needed even though I always asked them first. Answer was always ‘We do not offer those services’.

House Call Doctors is my new GP. That means ‘General Practitioner’. But because of that, B Healthy @ Home pulled my therapy which was already approved through insurance, as was their own nurse coverage for the year for the few visits that remained since they came out once per quarter.

There ya go, from the mouth of a real patient suffering with terminal Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Finally trying solumedrol again.

Before the IV I was back up to 2 to 3 Oxycodone a day. I was also not able to walk anymore at all. The afternoon after the first treatment spasticity in my legs was extreme. I couldn’t hold or pick myself up. After that night , I was able to stand and walk a little bit.

Now after my treatments are finished on Thursday, I have had no more oxycodone since the first day. Periphery pain is merely an annoyance, and that is with all the edema caused by steroid also. I have much better motor control trunk control everything. I start IVIG on Monday. But I’m wondering if we need to find out what is being pinched where it’s being pinched and want to get it fixed.

I also have stopped having spasims in the legs all together.

Saturday rolled around and I feel worse than ever. Especially the Dizzy feeling. The last few days have been great and then all the sudden it’s going downhill really fast. I’m hoping the IVIG does some more good days, but if this is the case we need to get in there and figure out what is really getting pinched up and fix it.

Sunday, horrible again. I hope I have the AG does some more help for the time being , but we need to get in there and fix it. The dizziness is overwhelming as well as the electric shock feeling. Also back on Oxy.


I’ve used my Samsung Galaxy S4 for a very long time because

  1. Have to have a removable battery
  2. Have to have an SD Card

There have been phones that meet these requirements already but none of them really got me excited to be worth the cost of phones today.

In comes the G5. What I THOUGHT was that the G4 would now be cheaper. Alas no, but Best Buy had $99 pre-orders for them so, OK, for that price, we can get new phones. So I did.

Memory, it has 32G internal which is twice what many other phones come with to start, but also supports up to 2TB external cards. I currently use a 128G card for music and other stuff. Can’t live without it.

Initial thoughts – Wow, smooth. Although not a huge fan of no app drawer, I can live with it (makes icons on the desktop for everything regardless. Most end up in the new ‘Trash’ folder so I don’t have to look at them).

The camera, even with the screen locked. Tap the down volume twice, insta-cam. Hit it again, insta-picture. SO nice and fast. As for low-light, I hear complaints but I can’t figure out WHAT these people are talking about. I was sitting in the kid’s room one night, lights out, total darkness. I woundered, picked up the phone and hit the button. Quick flash and checked the camera. Resulting picture looks WONDERFUL!

And the wide-angle lense. OMG that is so useful! Especially for close-up shots! Nothing else comes close right now!

So, phenomenal and fast camera, what about the screen? Well, the new Galaxies have OLED Screens which are notorious for burn-in. For that reason LG stuck with the LED screen. Especially for the always-on display, LOVE IT!

Battery? IT lasts all day even with my heavy use. But there’s more! I have TWO batteries! But there’s MORE!!! It also has Quick Charge 3.0! Galaxies do not have this at all. I can fully charge the phone from dead to full in UNDER AN HOUR! So, I have multiple batteries (say I’m at a show taking endless pictures/videos) and I can fully recharge it in under an hour! I have a non-stop battery if I have a place to plug in the external charger for the battery not in the phone! That is just sweet. A tear is rolling down my cheek. And I have a QuickCharge 3 charger in the car so even there I can easily get almost fully charged on my way home from work. I have no battery concerns here. And in a few years when the battery is tired, swap it for a new one.

The charging port – USB-C. I LOVE IT. Those people crying “Everything I have is MicroUSB-B” are not thinking it through. The phone also comes with an adapter for uUSB-B to USB-C so every cable you still have is usable (although may not fast-charge, but I found tons of those for under $1/foot and have a 10′ one that works beautifully). Plus, in the dark, just slam it in. Doesn’t matter which way. Sorry, but uUSB-B is going away anyhow. Might as well get with it now. Kudos for that. Most of the best products are using it now too, just not Samsung (their loss for that and no Quick Charge 3) with the Galaxy S7 series.

Everything else? I have WiFi calling… AND it works in airplane mode (very new and rare) How about LEGALLY making phone calls on a flight? Ya… Or deep in a hospital where no phones can reach outside where, unfortunately I am always all too often? Connect to the WiFi, no problem. Call away.

Onto the Fingerprint Scanner. I hear people saying it’s complicated and hard to operate… WHAT? If you set it up properly… I can’t move my hands really well and I can grab the phone with my left hand, slide my index finger over the button and bingo. In two weeks, I haven’t had any problem using the phone constantly (new toy syndrome). And you don’t have to look and hunt-poke on the screen for some specific area, etc. It works wonderfully.

The default video player also plays all of my MKV files with AC3 audio. Unlike older phones. No more need for MX Player (although it is still nice).

My only current issue, Helium worked on one of them, not the other. Haven’t figured that out yet. Also, the video player turns off the auto dimmer after a short time. Very annoying to me. That’s about it for now.

Otherwise, I’d give it a nearly perfect score.. Out of 10 stars 9 or even 9.5. (default battery could be bigger, that’s about my only current thought and as aforementioned, almost a non issue anyhow).

Body getting worse…

Well, let’s see…

Right hand comes and goes ALOT. One morning I can feel it fine, it’s just a bit tingly. Later that evening, my thumb especially is 100% numb and I’ve lost some control of it. Index finger also somewhat. Sometimes whole hand. Sometimes ulnar nerve only… The fact that it comes and goes so easily and so often is a clue I think.

I can feel this all around my face also now. Face, forehead, cheeks, etc. all feel ‘off’. I love Dana, my Physical Therapist. But my Occupational Therapists have gone unheard of for over a week now. I don’t know if they refuse to leave a message on the answering service cause MOST of the time, I’m not around to answer the phones, on a call for work, or in a meeting. And if it’s Sunday, I don’t answer the phone accept for family or people I recognize. Frustration beyond measure.

As for walking, can’t anymore. Lost the legs entirely now. Leaning against something, SOMETIMES, barely but…that’s it.

MS Continues to Degrade After Surgery

Surgery gave me strength in my hand back,

However, since then I now have lack of control in the hand. Hands, legs, etc. It seems, the Neurologist said, that my brain doesn’t know where my hands are for example and it is over-correcting. So going nose to finger for example, I go back and forth a ton instead of in a strait line.

And it’s getting worse. I wounder how long until I’m in a Stephen Hawking-like state…

I’ve stopped taking Ampyra temporarily to see if that has any affect.

Home from Surgery

I got home yesterday from surgery. Some parts of me are better, some parts seem somewhat worse. Pain in my feet was so much worse, now isn’t so bad actually, but weekness in my right leg comes and goes a ton. This morning can’t move it. Yesterday picked it up alone, no hands.

Right hand is a lot stronger but tingly pain remains, though seems somewhat diminished.

Neck still hurts a little bit.

In Hospital Rehab

Well, the ‘surgery’ is over and now I’m in hospital rehab. They are trying to see if I can get stronger I think.

I am quite a bit stronger in the hands then before the surgery, but the legs still suck. I do not think they will improve but…

Tomorrow is the 5th day after surgery. Surgical swelling should have maxed out within 3-5 days so if it is some swelling affecting me, it would be going down at this point. I have 7 days in here so, I’m going to miss the kid’s 3rd birthdays. Not happy about that. I miss my boys.

Surgery finished…

Well, I ended up doing the fusion.

I remember getting here around 09:15 Friday morning, I remember getting ready, setup to go and being taken to the operating room #1 in the North Austin Medical Center. I remember three big guys transfering me to the operating table and then NOTHING, instantly. I woke up around 22:00 Friday night, very out of it. But I was also awake most of last night.

Lots of pain, catheters in and out and in and out. This afternoon I stopped taking pain meds Norco and Dilaudid at 10:00. By choice. Staied off till 21:00 when I finally got a true pee! WEE!!

They think I’ll be here for a few days for rehab. I could leave as early as tomorrow (unlikely), monday (possibly) or even Tuesday or later (more possibly).

But right now I’m drugged up and going to sleep so, night!

Surgery Friday

Well, the time has come. I’m getting cut on Friday. We were going to do a Laminectomy but it has been changed to a Fusion. Wee…

In this case though, I agree. I did a new MRI Monday and it was significantly worse then the one from this summer. Going downhill so fast, and recent neck pain, the front attack was coming one way or the other. I just wish cervical disk replacements were more of an option.

This is the year Obamacare KILLS our family…

Obamacare sucks. Anyone who doesn’t think so really needs to step back and look at it from a sick person’s point of view.

Here is a prime example: Before this junk and for the last 20 years, I had the same medical insurance. And for the whole family, paid about $136/check for it. This year I’m paying almost $300 and the company pays a heck of a lot more even then they used to. And THEY are the ones paying the medical stuff, not the insurance company… I get a new wheelchair, work actually gets the bill, etc. I know this cause I’ve been “expensive” and done extensive work with our representatives at work and since learned how they do a lot of things. Heck, most of them are now on my friend’s lists…

So, 2016 open enrollment rolls around. No more EPO (HMO) plans… Designed by Obamacare, they are now impossible to get and no longer exist. For the healthy, this is probably an inconvenience. But for someone who relies on insurance, this is as deadly as a knife in the face. For Example; I need one to two MRIs a year at $15k each for head, neck, and thoracic to monitor my very aggressive and progressive Multiple Sclerosis. On my old insurance, this cost nothing… Go in, do it, done. Now I have to pay 20% this next year. So each one will run me $3k OUT OF POCKET!

On that same example, My medical insurance used to run me about $3536 a year with 26 pay periods. Next year, I have to switch to a horrible PPO which is 80/20 only AND on top of that, is set up to cost EXACTLY $7000 all year or $269.23 per check…

Then people talk about the maximum out of pocket, etc. which they say is nice (bull $#!%, it’s the reach around to go along with the @$$ raping you’re getting).. EPO had that too but even full hospitalization was only a $250 deductible. Ohh, and we hit our limit this year also FWIW, even on the EPO… Anyhow, now I pay 20%… So my last hospital stay which cost $150k, $30k of my money… But ohh, you cap out at the $5400 for family out of pocket expenses… LET’S LOOK AT THAT AGAIN!!!

$5400 + $7000 = $12400!!! I’ve always been good at math so let’s think here a second… 12400 – 3536 = (hmm, 4, then 0 to 9… 6…) $8864! That is how much MORE per year I have to pay for now significantly LESS coverage. And that’s only for 2016.. What happens AFTER?!? In 2015, I still paid my $7000 (convenient isn’t it per year) for my EPO but aside from co-pays, that’s it. And we’re having two surgeries this year!

Now let’s look on my boys. In the middle of all of this, we were gifted with twin boys, but they were born at 27 weeks and that was AFTER Kat spent a month in the hospital from premature labor.  They were 2lbs 6oz each and I could easily have carried one of them in my hand flat out. Their hands would not even be big enough to grab a pencil. And so began the 3+ months in the NICU for both of them and the fight for life!

Now they are two years old, but not before the $3.6 MILLION dollar hospital bill. My EPO, I didn’t pay one red cent…

Now, to me, something MOST IMPORTANT!!! Medical Equipment! I used to get new wheelchairs every 3 years. Right now I very much enjoy my TopEnd Terminator Titanium. It’s farily light weight, even in the heavy-duty version for my over-sized butt. PLUS, I now also have a Smart Drive from MAXX Mobility which cost nearly $6k. My last wheelchair cost $12.4k. We’re at $18.4k for my medical equipment.

The PPO now will only cover $5k/year and only at an 80/20%. I never paid a dime for any of my equipment. But now I can not even GET my equipment. Even if they had no limit per-say, they wouldn’t cover the items. How about my edema pumps… $5400. Compression leg items for daily wear without touching toes (so over sensitive it causes automated jerky reactions just to touch them) $500. Tens machine for the back $350.

None of that stuff cost me. It was all MEDICALLY necessary, with letters from doctors. And I hate much of it but I have to use it (getting shocked or sitting for 3 hours a day with my legs getting crushed… Wee.. that’s so much fun…). But I had to have it and insurance got it for me. Now I could NEVER afford most/any of it. Period. So WTF do I do when my next wheelchair dies, OR when I need a full-on power chair at the cost of $30k+!?!

If Obamacare never existed, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I’d have my really crappy condition, but my insurance to carry me though. I work hard and am insured and do so even in my horrible physical condition. Coming up soon, it might not even benefit me to continue working since I get no benefit out of that and it truly is so painful. Just go on full disability. I won’t be able to afford the wheelchairs to move around anyhow soon.

For a healthy person, it might seem like it’s a fine plan, but look at it from a very VERY sick person’s point of view. I’m not milking the situation for personal gain. Don’t you think I’d rather be able to drive again and bounce my kids on my knee instead of laying flat while they beg me to play with them? With pain in my hands so bad I can’t even hold my wife? But no, I need to pay significantly MORE money and not even get the care I truly NEED. Now when I need my insurance, it’s just not there anymore.

Thanks OBAMA! Jackass!

Where are we headed? If it doesn’t stop soon? Single-payer… Which leads to:



And that is just the very, very tip of the iceburg…